Friday, May 17, 2013

My Monk’s Bowl

‘A monk’s bowl’ (hatsu’u) refers not only to the physical object that is given to novices upon their being ordained and which is to serve as their mealtime bowl from then on, but also to the monk’s willingness to accept of whatever is placed in one’s ‘bowl’, be it physically or spiritually. It is therefore a symbol of the practice of all-acceptance.

                                                          My Monk's bowl

About 4 years ago,I was reading a book that i picked up from the Library,and it talked about A Monk's Bowl .I remembered in my kitchen cupboard a small mixing bowl that I thought represented that bowl. I wanted to control my food portions and also have a ready to use cereal or food bowl.Now I use the bowl not at every meal,but almost weekly.

I have a top shelf in a cupboard that is all mine. and I have placed my bowl and the following with it.

chopsticks : they are just fun to eat with!

my dad's army fork. I keep that in a box since i was a little boy and finally have put it to good use.

a nice solid looking spoon: i just like the look and feel of it.

I use the bowl to help me with portions (i have lost weight because of it) It also is a reminder to me to be thankful in what is prepared and cooked.even if it is something i do not like to eat.and it has many uses. I can use it for cereal, a drinking cup,or for meals. I am looking for a special cup to add to the collection and I always have them at the ready for when i need it.

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