Thursday, August 1, 2013

Decluttering And Community Selling Interview with Jorja Leavitt

Just found this great and insightful audio on YouTube with a lot of useful tips.Thanks Voluntary Life!

 This episode is an interview with Jorja Leavitt, founder of Jorja is an entrepreneur and mother of four, living in Las Vegas. In the interview, she shares her experiences of moving to a minimalist lifestyle. She talks about the freedom that she has found from decluttering and selling unnecessary stuff. She highlights the great opportunities to trade at a community level, using social media platforms such as Facebook.

check out The Voluntary Life for more excellent interviews and posts (see link below)

Monday, July 8, 2013

Momentum Magazine-smart living by bike

Momentum Magazine -smart living by bike  is a really cool magazine and they have a website for those who love to ride bicycles around instead of cars.


Part of Deliberate Living is about making a choice to limit, reduce or all together eliminate the use of an automobile.saving yourself money on repairs,gas,insurance and the general ownership and headaches that come with owning a automobile.

I do love my car,don't get me wrong. I need it for traveling to work.and for longer trips to family events and vacation trips.But I would like to do more local bike riding trips, to the store or library.Also by riding a bike,it would give myself a little workout on a daily basis.

Question time: Do you also enjoy the benefits of riding a bike?how do you use you bike to reduce or eliminate the need for an automobile.or do you have plans to do so in the future?

Thursday, June 13, 2013

looking for Minimalist items to showcase/review on this blog

If any companies or individuals have any Minimalist or Simple Living products (clothes,books camping gear other items that would help people looking into that life style )that you would like to have them reviewed or mentioned on this new blog. Let me know!

you can email me at


or contact me at

Stephen Mayes
Deliberate Living
335 South Skyline Drive
Idaho Falls,Idaho 83402

what is left in my closet?

Today I finally went through all of my closet,I have put this off for a bit,but i have a lot of summer projects and today was the day! I was able to get rid of about 3 bags worth of clothes.
also old shoes and a few older coats. these I dropped off at a local thrift store.All of the clothes are still in pretty good to great shape.and I am happy some other people will be able to get use out of them.

So what is left?

I have the follow items,but I will be looking to update them to newer more higher quality ones. 

2 slacks-one is black and the other is a dark tan (I use them for work and for church,or for casual dress)

2 pair of jeans (one nice the other is more for dirty work like painting and stuff like that.)

7 polo shirts (mostly for work,but need to upgrade 6 of them)

1 white long sleeve button up church shirt and a hand full of ties. (need to buy a new white shirt)

1 swim suit (need a newer one)

2 hoodies,1 coat 1 wind breaker, (want to update the hoodies)

1 work dress shoe (need to update)

1 pair of converse

1 pair of tennis shoes

1 winter/hiking boot

1 pair shorts (will update)

1 black tshirt 

1 belt

socks and underwear (will be updating also)

I would like to buy new clothes and eventually just have top quality items that as needed i will exchange update.

It really feels good to take that step and look forward to going through the rest of my items.I have records to sort,Cd's 2 boxes of childhood memories photos to scan ect.

I will also be trying to sell a few things and will update that project also.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Minimalists Seattle Meetup

This video really inspired me to start a more Minimalist life and to actually start this blog. Check out
The Minimalist Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus and their website for more information.and they even have some books to help to help you gain more information on the Minimalist Lifestyle.

I must have listened to this 5 or so times at work and gain new insight for my life and what i want out of my life.

First Steps to a Minimalist Life by Minimalistmakeover

This is from a teacher in Hong Kong who is a vegan and a Minimalist.

Meet Joe Rodrigues -Minimalist

I find these videos on the Minimalist lifestyle and thought it would be fun to add these videos to showcase people and videos that I find on YouTube,ect.

Working Living And Traveling like A Minimalist