Thursday, June 13, 2013

what is left in my closet?

Today I finally went through all of my closet,I have put this off for a bit,but i have a lot of summer projects and today was the day! I was able to get rid of about 3 bags worth of clothes.
also old shoes and a few older coats. these I dropped off at a local thrift store.All of the clothes are still in pretty good to great shape.and I am happy some other people will be able to get use out of them.

So what is left?

I have the follow items,but I will be looking to update them to newer more higher quality ones. 

2 slacks-one is black and the other is a dark tan (I use them for work and for church,or for casual dress)

2 pair of jeans (one nice the other is more for dirty work like painting and stuff like that.)

7 polo shirts (mostly for work,but need to upgrade 6 of them)

1 white long sleeve button up church shirt and a hand full of ties. (need to buy a new white shirt)

1 swim suit (need a newer one)

2 hoodies,1 coat 1 wind breaker, (want to update the hoodies)

1 work dress shoe (need to update)

1 pair of converse

1 pair of tennis shoes

1 winter/hiking boot

1 pair shorts (will update)

1 black tshirt 

1 belt

socks and underwear (will be updating also)

I would like to buy new clothes and eventually just have top quality items that as needed i will exchange update.

It really feels good to take that step and look forward to going through the rest of my items.I have records to sort,Cd's 2 boxes of childhood memories photos to scan ect.

I will also be trying to sell a few things and will update that project also.

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